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Below you will find six categories: The General Resource Library contains valuable resources to enhance your development programs; and under Client Specific Categories are five archives for your Mission’s unique transcripts, digital, photos, print and video so you can find them right when you need them!


General Resource Library Category

We’ve provided a collection of templates, strategy sheets and white papers you can adapt to fit your Mission’s needs… and we add to it regularly! Check out each folder to find donor-related letter copy and thank yous, public relations tools, social media assets, guides for building volunteer and church relations programs, donor strategies, how-tos for special events, and information about Brewer Direct products to support and grow your ministry.


Client Specific Categories

(We’ve archived your materials by year for quick access.)


Audio and Transcripts
This category houses audio files and transcripts created by our Storytellers and your own resource gatherers.


Clients participating in our Digital Summit Program can find finalized social media art and our recommended social media copy, so you can pull and post whenever you want.


Look for your photos from our resource trips, including your homeless guests and residents, mealtimes, facilities, and other ministry-related scenes.


This category contains your print and mail final art. If a donor references a specific mailing he or she has received throughout the year, you can locate the complete package here!


If you’ve taken advantage of Brewer Direct’s video production, we’ll house your final video, along with other footage, here.


Can’t find what you want? Have an idea for new content? Contact Shellie Speer, Senior VP, BDI Academy at  Thanks for visiting the Library!


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