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  • Maybe you’ve heard someone at BDI talk about “Win Keep Lift” before. But maybe you’re still wondering what these 3 words have to do with nonprofit fundraising? “These are the 3 key strategies to grow revenue for nonprofits,” says Lolly Colombo, VP/Client Service. Our white paper “Win Keep Lift” is......

  • Here’s a question that every organization should answer: If you had just FIVE minutes to sum up your organization in a way that someone could remember, what would you say? Maybe you would focus on your organization’s years of service in the community… your unique long-term programs… your partnership with......

  •   From Randy Brewer, Founder/Chairman, BDI     Since he joined BDI last May, many of you have met Michael “MT” Tomlinson, Brewer Direct’s President, at the annual Citygate Conference or in personal visits. Or you may have the opportunity to meet him at your Mission or the Brewer Institute......

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  • From Randy Brewer, Chairman/CEO, BDI   The tradition of giving and receiving Christmas gifts finds its roots in chapter two of Matthew’s gospel when the wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Throughout history, there have been many variations on gift giving – far too many to name......

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