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Analyze and Research with love

Analyze and Research with love


Maybe you’ve heard someone at Brewer talk about “Win Keep Lift” before.


But maybe you’re still wondering what these 3 words have to do with nonprofit fundraising?

“These are the 3 key strategies to grow revenue for nonprofits,” says Lolly Colombo, VP/Client Service.

Our newest White Paper, “Win Keep Lift,” is an in-depth look at these 3 strategies and how keeping focused on new and existing donors’ growth increases both donor gift amounts and their long-term value.

But it’s not just theoretical. The research is based on years of analyzing results – and studying what differences between response rates and average gift might say about best practices to lift donors’ long-term value.

Want to read the entire “Win Keep Lift” White Paper? 

We know you do! And we’ve got it ready for you… just click HERE.  


This study was conducted as part of BrewerSurround, our commitment to bring 360° friend-raising, champion-building and development strategies and services to our clients.




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Releasing generosity: with your team.


Releasing generosity: our core belief.

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