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In a digital landscape crowded with promises of reaching greater heights in fundraising, our newest digital service gives clients a clear pathway to the top.


BrewerSummit offers 3 different digital packages that allow clients the right gear they need to achieve progressively greater heights.

“BrewerSummit is the outcome of countless hours of research, brainstorming, and number crunching,” says VP/Client Services Lead Lolly Colombo. “The result? A strategic, step-by-step, tactical approach to the big-wide digital world.”


Since each client is different, we’ve created 3 unique but effective strategies – Lift, Climb and Soar – to increase online giving and increase digital retention and acquisition.

Just look at how our digital programs are already beating national increases!

Increases in Digital Giving, 2015

National Online Giving 0%
Brewer Clients Online Giving0%


Offering these 3 unique levels is a way to give our clients an easier way to scale the digital mountain – while giving them greater confidence through a clearly laid-out strategic plan.

A Closer Look at:



  • Lift

    Integrate your fundraising & motivate your donors!

  • Climb

    Go deeper into digital strategy & optimization!

  • Soar

    Elevate your fundraising & your acquisition to the top!


Because we’ve designed it to most efficiently help our clients reach peak performance online, BrewerSummit actually costs less while creating more online impressions and increasing donor acquisition.

“We looked at end goals. How do we get to the top? What outcomes are we chasing for our digital clients? We want that mountain-top experience for all our digital partners; and we can’t wait to see the results!” Lolly Colombo | VP/Client Services Lead

Does your digital strategy feel like an uphill battle? Tell us more @brewerdirect!


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