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Planned Giving Options Your Donors Will Love

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Planned Giving Options Your Donors Will Love

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We believe strongly that you should love your Planned Giving program – and develop it in a way that makes your donors eager to give and ready to invest in your organization. Planned Giving opens the door to getting you and your donors excited about the long-term future of your work, but in order to do that, you first need to establish the ways your donors can give by laying out the framework for their Planned Giving options.

Some nonprofits hire professionals to provide the legal and financial details; smaller charities often rely on their Development departments to carry out their programs. Whatever your organization does, here are three planned giving options your donors will love and be willing to invest in:

1. Gifts Donors Can Make Now. This type of Planned Gift provides immediate benefits for an organization.

EXAMPLE: A Gift of Life Insurance. A donor names an organization as beneficiary of part/all of a life insurance policy – and possibly receives a tax deduction that reduces their tax liability in the year of the gift. Other examples include gifts of a retirement account, appreciated stocks/bonds/mutual funds, or real estate.


2. Gifts Donors Can Make Later. This type of Planned Gift provides benefits for an organization that will be realized at a later date.

EXAMPLE: A Bequest through a Will. A donor names an organization as beneficiary of a dollar amount, specific property or (after providing for loved ones) a percentage or remainder of their estate. Other examples include a living trust.

3. Gifts Donors Can Make through a Life-Income Arrangement.
This type of Planned Gift provides a combination of a gift with immediate benefits and a gift that defers benefits to a later date.  

EXAMPLE: A Charitable Gift Annuity. A donor provides an organization with an investment; the organization then utilizes that investment and makes fixed payments to the donor for life. Other examples include a charitable remainder trust and a charitable lead trust.


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Donor development - photograph of Shellie Speer-Shellie Speer
Executive VP/Client Strategic Development

Shellie has been working side-by-side with Rescue Mission clients for over 30 years. She is the spearhead for Brewer Boost, which offers wraparound services like key messaging development and community engagement strategies. Her vision for an integrated donor communications model has empowered clients to set in motion successful development plans that strengthen their Missions’ financial foundations and partnerships in the community.