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INFOGRAPHIC: Who Are Your Volunteers?

INFOGRAPHIC: Who Are Your Volunteers?

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Volunteers are an important and necessary part of any organization. But who are they? Why do they volunteer? And what motivates them, above everything else, to give their time?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has been tracking volunteer rates in the U.S. since 2002. As of 2015 (the most recent available statistics), the report notes that Gen X has the highest volunteer rate – 29.4% – then Baby Boomers with 27.2%, and Millennials turning in just 21.7% of their time as volunteers.

In 2015, the number of volunteers decreased to 24.9%, or about 62.6 million Americans (and roughly $184 billion of services contributed for free!). While it’s heartening to see a quarter of Americans volunteering, by contrast, in 2011, this percentage was 26.8%; in 2005, 28.8%.

Decreasing volunteer rates across the country should be a concern for nonprofits. Not only because volunteering is an excellent way to get community members involved in your work, but also because your volunteers have the potential to grow into so much more.

According to “Volunteering and Civic Engagement in America” from the Corporation for National and Community Service, those who volunteer are TWICE as likely to donate financially compared to those who don’t. Over one year, 78.9% of volunteers donated to a charity while 40.7% of non-volunteers donated.

This infographic outlines all the answers to your questions about volunteers:

Infographic of volunteer statistics - donor relations


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